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55 Year Get-Together

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Hello Scholarship supporters:


We had our Scholarship meeting on Saturday February 20th 2016 at Chuck's house, and as usual the food and hospitality were amazing.  Thank you, Chuck, for always making your home so welcome.  Once again Gus outdid himself with the soup.  It was terrific.


We had excellent discussions, with lots of ideas from perpetuity to using the monies in one lump sum now and funding a special project.   We have almost $16,000 between all three of our accounts.  The final consensus was that we give two scholarships of $2,500 each over the next three years to one young man and one young woman each year.  At the end of that time, there will be a little left over in our main SHS class of '62 general fund that we created in high school, and have continued to use to help get our Class of '62 five-year and ten-year celebrations going.


We are looking into the possibility of doing a small one-time project for SHS, or we can keep the balance to help continue to kick-start our 5- and 10-year celebrations. This year (2017) is our 55th year.   Are you ready to celebrate--or do we wind down--which is so unlike our class!!  Let us know.



$39,517.53  Raised since 1987

$23,550.00  Gifted since 1987

Welcome to the Sparks High School Class of ’62 website. As we approach this time in our lives called “The Golden Years”, many of us have started to reconnect. Reunions and informal gatherings dot the newspapers, and the internet is filled with web sites like Classmates, My Space, and Facebook.


Not to be outdone, the Class of ’62 has launched its own website. The inspiration for this launch into the cyber-sphere was that…”we aren’t getting older, we aregetting techy!” We have a two-fold goal in establishing this website:

  • First, in this age of super technology, what easier way is there for people to catch up and relive old times, and
  • Second, we want the site to help draw awareness to the Class of ’62 Scholarship Program.

The scholarship program is a unique legacy for our class. The idea for the scholarship surfaced after the 25th reunion at the Sparks Nugget in 1987. The idea was to create a yearly scholarship for SHS grads and give back to the community which contributed to our successes in life. (See About Us)