The scholarship program is a unique legacy for our class. The idea for the scholarship surfaced after the 25th reunion at the Sparks Nugget in 1987. The idea was to create a yearly scholarship for SHS grads and give back to the community which contributed to our successes in life

The exact details have been lost, but a scholarship fund was established. A committee of volunteers has continued to work toward the ultimate goal of creating a perpetual scholarship to Sparks High School students.

That fund, along with donations from our classmates, has resulted in the awarding of over $17,000 in scholarship monies. Currently, the scholarship value is $2500. With your help we can continue doing this. If you would like to contribute to this fund make your check payable to "Sparks High School Class of '62 Scholarship Fund". Send care of:


                        Frank Kinnell

                        5902 Indus Dr.

                        Reno, NV 89502

2015 Recipient

  Rhiam Kennedy


We wish Rhaim great success and happiness.





1988 Michelle Bellinger 2003 Heidi Moss
1989 Jennifer Blain 2004 Stephanie Benson
1990 Karen Buarte 2005 Colleen Osbourne
1991 Stephen A. Mills 2006 Permjett Singh
1992 Roy Neilson 2007 Amanda Price
1993 Aunetta M. Roach 2008 Rhonda Navarro
1994 Joseph Squier 2009 Oscar Agulara
1995 Jose Leal-Alcantar 2010 Alyssa Addington
1996 Heather K. Byland 2011 Al Shugar
1997 Rebecca A. Going 2012 Emma Cline
1998 Hillary F. Peters 2013 Cassandra Grimm
1999 Jamon M. Andelin 2014 Jody Molaris
2000 Ryan A. Mot 2015 Rhiam Kennedy
2001 Candice Roundy    
2002 Neva Anne Heaston    

$39,517.53  Raised since 1987

$23,550.00  Gifted since 1987